Infectious Disease is a specialty focused on all kinds of infectious diseases, including community viral/bacterial/fungal infections, infections in immunocompromised hosts, HIV care, infection control, and antibiotic stewardship. With the advent of antimicrobial agents, drug-resistant microorganisms emerge. The situation was further complicated with increasing ages of population and aggressive medical cares.

Clincial service, research and surveillance, and teaching comprised the work of Infectious Disease physician.


1.clinical service

There are Infectious Disease Clinic from Monday to Saturday. The major conditions handled in Infectious Disease Clinic include persistent fever (more than 5-7 days), fever of unknown causes, common infections including airway infection, urinary tract infection, soft tissue infection, and so on. We also take care of patients who need hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics.

2.research and surveillance

Infectious disease physician are the members of the infection control committee. This committee surveys the rates and etiology of nosocomial infection and the trend of antimicrobial resistance among the pathogens. If there was a surge of any kind of infection of pathogen, the infection control team will investigate and intervene actively, in order to find the potential problem and solve the situation. Moreover, infectious disease physicians are responsible for antimicrobial stewardship, which is a important intervention to curtail the excessive use of broad spectrum antibiotics without a adequate indication.

3.Teaching :

Teaching is also an important part of our daily work. Infectious disease department provides education about infectious disease and infection control to physicians of other specialties, residents, students, and other healthcare workers. We hold journal reading and case conference every Tuesday, and morning meeting every Monday and Thrusday to discuss difficult cases. We also have two lectures about infection control every month.

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